EHS Drama boosters

Consider Supporting the EHS Theater Arts by

Joining the Drama Boosters

Your charitable contribution will help EHS students experience a wide range of theatre experiences including acting, set construction, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, voice, dance and publicity/house management.


Past contributions have provided fly lines, professional services, computers, and printer, costume materials, intelligent light fixtures, scholarships and financial support needed to take shows to the Illinois School Theatre Festival.


Our drama boosters receive advanced priority seating meaning you never have to be concerned about getting tickets again. A $50 annual donation entitles you to 2 complimentary tickets to the fall and spring shows and a formal thank you for you/your business in our program.



President- Brenda Carlile

Vice President & Treasurer- Maureen Meyers

Secretary- Cara Lytle

Officer- Roberta Goeckner


Annie’s Frozen Custard

The Bank of Edwardsville

Kerry & Jill Bertels

Argia M. Bertolino

Bill & Pat Blythe

Terry & Sherry Brakhane

Emily Brasel

Gordon & Holly Broom

Bernice Brown

Brenda & Mark Bruss

Donna M. Carli & Donna J. Lucy

Brenda Carlile

Melissa Carlile-Price

Annie Castleberry

Michael & Pam Chamberlain

Dr. Erin Wolf Chambers

Peter & Pamela Cocuzza

Faye & Chuck Coffman

Steve & Sarah Dawson

Barrett Deist

John & Marlene Den Houter

Mandel & Beth Denmon

Daryl & Amanda Durell

Chris Durkee

Arno & Ruth Ellis

Patrick & Deb Ellis

Rae Ellsworth

Terry & Mary Ann Fagan

Pamela & Christopher Farrar

Ron & Jamie Foster

Berrett & Carey Francis

Bob & Laura Froemling

Bill & Connie Funkhouser

Donna Gayler

Mike & Jennifer George

Bob & Jo Gibson

Drs. Bryon & Roberta Goeckner

Bennett & Donna Gray

Lois & Carl Green

Darin & Julie Hahs

Jacob Haun & Family

Bernie Hellman

Jim & Jodi Henderson

Mike & Magi Henderson

John & Debbie Higgins

Bruce & Nancy Hoffman

The Holbert Family

James & Saundra Hudson

Ed & Lauren Ide

Dave & Maria Jobe

Howard & Jan Johnson

Daniel & Geri Jones

Debbie & Jim Jones

Michael & Stefanee Keth

Tom & Barb Kinsella

William & Jane Klopfenstein

Jeri Lampman

Jim & Diane Lawton

Kenny & Brenda Leitner

Margie Leitner

Bill & Janet Lewis

Drs. Don & Hazel Loucks

Kenneth & Leandra Lynn

Cara & Kent Lytle

Henry & Shirley Malench

Richard Marcus & Sharon Whitaker

Paul & Suzy Marks

Nancy Marti & Annis Hopkins

Jack McCarty

Mike & Amy McGarr

The Mefford Family

Marian E. Merkel

Don & Marlene Metzger

Nora & Sam Meyer

Larry & Maureen Meyers

Alyssa Midla

Terry & Jan Miller

SJ & Emily Morrison

John & Kate Motley

Michelle & Mark Motley

Dean & Annette Mueller

Musec Homes, Inc.

Ron & Joy Myers

Brett & Andrea Nafziger

The Nahlik Family

Bob & Colleen Nelson

Gladys Nelson

Neverending Graphics, LLC.

Richard E. Nicol, MD

The O’Boyle Family

Emily Ottwein

Joe & Beth Parente

Melinda & Jeff Pauk

Alex & Beth Pellock

Paul & Paula J. Pitts

Dan & Cindy Pizzini

Glenn & Mary Pizzini

Paul & Barb Pizzini

Sandy Pringle

Keith & Pat Probst

R. P. Lumber

Bill & Carol Reckman

Brad & Amy Reed

Stephanie Reed & Scott Elliott

Dave & Ronna Renken

Jeff & Gail Rice

Betty L. Richards

Mary Jane Richards

Richards Brick Company

Joyce & Gary Rocca

Jeff & Susie Schaefer

Robert E. Semon

Eugene & Janice Shapiro

Rob & Becky Shaw

David J. & Sharon E. Sherrill

Meg & Bart Solon

Jim & Sandy Speciale

Joe & Linda Stevens

Jim & Sherri Stout

Joe & Anna Symanski

Ted & Vicki Thalmann

Marion Thompson

Christopher & Denise Threlkeld

Dr. Jananne T. Threlkeld

Rene Tiede

The Towell Family

Marion Thompson

Jesus & Sheri Vazquez

Rich & Missy Walker

Lucia Weber

Cathy & Brent Weiss

Kevin & Donna Wendel

Dr. Al & Joan Wentz

Carol Wetzel

Olin Wetzel

Rich & Tracy Wetzel

Leon & Tami White

Betty Willard

Mark & Kelly Willmore

Janice Zelasko

The Zimmermann Family

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