EHS Drama Club

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Each student participating should go through the informational Drama Club Permission Slip and return it  to Mrs. Melton 

backstage Opportunities 

Production meetings for everyone are the first school day of the week at 2:00 in the auditorium. All students must turn in the signed medical information form in order to work on the productions


Students Working in any backstage capacity may participate as much or as little as their personal schedules allow. However, all running crews, the students who work the performances, are selected based on quality of work and numbers of hours worked. 


*Check Calendar for more information about our schedules and work days for each group*

Build the Scenery!

Students working with this effort meet every day after school until 4:30 PM. Working on the set is a requirement for working on the lights and sound.  These students paint, sweep, and construct with all kinds of materials and, in general, have fun with power tools. Stage crew will be posted by Jonah Sheckler at his discretion.


Construct the Costumes and Props!

Students working costumes and props work from 2:00 to 4:30 at least 3 days per week and every day 3-4 weeks before performances.Working costumes and props is a requirement for those wanting to do make-up and hair for performances and dress rehearsals. There is more to building costumes than sewing and many learn to sew by working the shows. Costume running crew will be posted by Jen Blum at her discretion.


Sell the Show and Run the House!

Students working publicity/house usually work 1-2 days a week after school. Student leaders often work more than that. Two weeks before the show, they are usually working every day. Students write press releases, create flyers, sell show shirts, help with Drama Boosters, run parades, train and serve as ushers, sell cookies and punch, assist the audience and much more. House crew will be posted by GabbiE Thunneman at her discretion.

Play in the Pit Orchestra!

Instrumentalists Contact Mrs. Vano @ if you are interested in playing.