Auditions for Big Fish

All those interested in auditioning must read and sign the actors contract this must be turned in to Mrs. Melton before the audition date. 

The audition Form must be completed and submitted on or before the audition date.

Audition Workshop December 10th

At the audition workshop we will teach you the musical selections and a short scene. We will sing and read through the pieces a few times so that you can learn it and go practice on your own in order to prepare for the audition. (Attendance is NOT mandatory, but you will need to learn the pieces on your own if you do not attend.)

Auditions December 16th

On audition day, please come ready to sing and act the prepared pieces. Auditions are closed, no students will be allowed to watch others auditions.

The process:

We will have you sing for us first. Then, you will read from your scene. After your audition is over, you are dismissed to leave. 

Callbacks December 17th

Callbacks are not an indicator of casting. A callback is only needed if the audition panel decides that they need to see more from you! A list of people needed for callbacks will be posted outside of B116 the morning of the callback date. If you see your name listed you must stay after. If you do not come to a callback, you forfeit your audition entirely. 

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